New Year, New features

January 3, 2016

As you all know, is the Nexus that links all my web presence together.


I am thinking of updating this blog at least once a month, seeing as I update so many other websites already with smaller content (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tsu, Instagram...), as a sort of "This month in review" UNLESS there are time-sensitive sales or content I want to share with you guys.


So to resume last December real quick, I have been working on Bootleg Cookie for quite a while at this point and debuted the first Subscription-fueled webcomic, Irritated Replayer.


Irritated Replayer is similar to Bootleg Cookie as in, it's stuff that happened to me, tho it happened in alternate, digitized universes. That's why in the one strip posted so far, Toadsworth is refering to a Mario-clad chubby girl with pink hair as "Master Mario."


WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO SUBSCRIBE : One, Irritated Replayer will ONLY update upon reaching certain milestones; right now, that milestone is set at "every 10 subscribers". It doesn't matter to which comic you subscribe to, I will be looking at the whole counter, not the counter to each comic.


Two, the more people that read the comics, the more ad revenue I get and right now it's baaaaaaaarely a dollar a month. Of course, you can always help support me by donating to my Patreon. The more money, the more content!


Three, and that's the best part, is that there is an app for that! The Tapastic App lets you read your comics on the go instead of opening a webpage, type the site in, aaaauuuugh... much more convenient!


That would be all for now, If I think of anything else, I'll update. Expect Teepublic sales during the month, tho!