October is such a busy month!

October 16, 2016

First things first, the Strange Romance Print anthology kickstarter is back! I have a story in it "Lifetime Supply" that I think you'd enjoy greatly (Available on Comixology) but wouldn't it be lovely to get it in solid, flippy form? That's what this kickstarter is for! Pledge! Take a look! it could be a book!


I am waiting for the Art Snacks October box. I'll film the unboxing but at this pace it's not gonna be much of a surprise, it's been so long the website posted an "explore our october box" article. Maybe this week, if we're lucky!


Remember that while the Burton Senshi are back on TeePublic, they are up only for the entire month of October! Come November 1st, they're going back into the Vault until October 2017! Get yours now!

(Available on shirts, mugs, and phone cases!)


I am doing INKtober this year, following Drawlloween's list! I'm posting each card on my