Catching up!

May 19, 2017

First things first, 90% of my planes were late/delayed, starting with my first flight being cancelled !! as seen here


Scary!! Don't do that!













But now I'm back! With this week's newest, freshest Bootleg Cookie!


While I was gone (and delayed due to my hometown turning into Silent Hill, basically) My Art Snacks box came in so of course, I filmed this month's Unboxing!



You want to see the piece? Of course you do!


It's right here!


Done with :

- Special Release Muted Collection: Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

- Prima® White Gold Artist Brush from Weber®

- Marabu Art Crayons

- The Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver by General Pencil


I also did a bunch of sketch cards while I was at the Northern Ontario Expo!


Vocaloid Fukase

Laughy Sapphy

Eternal Flame, Baby!

Pony OC in Lich Armor

Angel VS Demon

Psycho Mob 100

Klingon Portrait

Pidge, Voltron

Fairy Tail Erza, Lucy and Natsu

Taco the Imp!


And secretly needle-felted two Aurics for my fellow Team Auric accomplices, Davis and Andrew!