Features! Videos! Artstuffs!

September 1, 2017


Commissions! Coins! videos! Oh my!


Let's start with the new video that came out this week, the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor test!


Man I just love saying it, it rolls off the tongue, dunnit?



 So Good, So good! I love these watercolors so much!


You can purchase them on Jetpens here! I linked to is the same set I bought (36 colors) but there are also 6-packs, 12-packs, 18 packs and 24-packs!


I mentioned last week that you could now purchase coins on Tapas on desktop!


 It's literally right there as you check your account!










Not happy with that, You can also commission me straight off TeePublic! Once again, it's right in your line of sight!


You see that little green envelope next to my avatar? Click that and get magically transported to my inbox!

Ain't technology graaaaaaaaand? 😁


Keep in mind there will be 2 ArtSnacks videos this month, one for the usual monthly box and one for the extra Liquitex box! whoop!