Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

WOW. We're ONE DAY into the new year and I got fantastic news!


Team Auric (That's me, the colorist, Writer Davis Dewsbury, Line-artist Andrew Thomas and by extension of course, Writer Josh Rose --Auric's Tall Tails--) just won BEST COMIC BOOK 2017 with issue 3! Now if that ain't a good way to start 2018, I dunno WHAT IS!



Me being super thrilled at the news on Instagram.


















Also, I know I've kinda sorta skipped 2 weeks of updates, but happily, I did NOT skip December's Art Snacks video!


Also Also, I have an upcoming #AMA on Amafeed! Right here, paisanos!


Tune in on the 5th of January where it'll go live, OR ask your question early if you think you can't make it, and I'll pre-answer it! (Answers go live on the 5th, however)


See you next time!