Exciting end of month!

June 22, 2018

Mostly because most of the month was busy as all getup! Yikes!

First things first;


The comics news!


I have some copies of Penny Steele #2!

Availability : now!


Title : Penny Steele #2


Writer : Darryl Joseph


Art : Sharon Gauthier


Price : 2.99$


Pages : 8


Black and White (Intro page in color)



Synopsis : Penny learns about the fascinating past of her grandmother Penny Matthews.


So either contact Darryl on the Penny Steele Page or me if you're interested in purchasing a copy!











I've finished Auroraman #4!


Availability : TBA


Title : The Adventures of Auroraman #4 : AuroraRonin


Writer : Jeff Burton


Art : Sharon Gauthier


Price : 7.00$


Pages : 17


Color and Black and White


Plot : Auroraman sees a vision of feudal Japan when a mysterious sword touches his staff!


Keep a close eye on the Auroraman FB to see when this issue is available! I know I will update you when it is!








I've finished coloring Auric #0 Remaster!



Availability : TBA


Title : Auric of the Great White North #0


Writer : Davis Dewsbury


Art : Andrew Thomas


Colors : Sharon Gauthier


Price : 2.99$


Pages : 10




Plot : We meet Auric in beautiful HD!


Another issue coming REAL soon.


To view the alternate fake-vintage cover and view the Proofs preview, be sure to drop in on Auric's FB!






I'm currently working on Mario's Mis-cake!


A mario fan comic currently being updated whenever I can on Behance!


Availability : Ongoing


Title : Super Mario Adventures Continued : Mario's Mis-Cake


Writer : Gabe Lerman


Art : Sharon Gauthier, After Charlie Nozawa


Price : Free, but a donation in my Patreon would be nice 😜


Pages : ongoing, for a total of 17




Plot : Mario has a terrible concept of "fruit" and it's up to Luigi to save the Mushroom Kingdom from Mario's mis-cake!