Did you know I'm on Comixology?

March 8, 2019

Now you do. HAH!


But really, the easier way to find my stuff on Comixology is to put my name in the Search Bar : Sharon Gauthier.


If you wanna see the stuff in detail, I can do that for you!


I have some work in

Auroraman #2

Auroraman #3

True Patriot Presents #11

True Patriot Presents #12

All the Strange Romance issues!


I drew and colored Auroraronin (Auroraman #4)


Not just that tho!

 I managed to get a plane ticket IN EXTREMIS to the Timmins Comic Con so (weather and Air Canada willing) You'll see me there on April 13th-14th at the McIntyre Curling Rink area!


I'll be there with the rest of Team Auric so come see us!


We'll be celebrating 5 years of Auric and we'll have issue 5 on hand, as well as all kinds of extra goodies!